Is your data safe?

90% of large companies had a recorded data breach last year alone.

Costing big business on average £3.14 million per incident.

SME's are becoming the main target

74% of small businesses had a security breach in the last 12 months.

Costing them on average £311,000 per incident.

Is your business secure?

Cyber security is evolving. are you? is your business evolving to combat today's security issues.

Are you losing out on business?

Could you be missing out on business due to non compliance, get ISO 27001 certified don't miss out. Take a look.

Case for Penetration testing

Why you should have penetration testing done now before its too late? The process and benefits revealed. Don't wait till its too late.

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Security case studies

Take a look at a few simple cases recently in the news which should have been avoided. Don't wait till it happens to you. Be proactive about your IT security. Call Minatio Security today on 0800 272 7552.

Read the report

Have a look for yourself at the most recent Key findings from the UK Government Information Security Survey 2015 the figures are astonishing. Don't take your IT security for granted.

Minatio in the community

Minatio in the community is an initiative to try to raise awareness of cyber security throughout the small to medium size business community. Through-out 2016 Minatio will be hoping to provide 300 free vulnerability assessments to start-ups and small businesses through-out the UK.

To put your business forward for a free vulnerability assessment simply register your email and business URL to the right here, and we will attempt to fulfil as many assessments as we can through-out the year. Good luck and make security a priority in 2017.

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 Data Security

Think about your most valuable assets, your customer information, your data, your intellectual property. How do you know it is safe? Yes you may have your firewalls, your protections but do you know they work? The only way to know they work is to test them and the only person who can truly test them contractually in a controlled environment is a consultant with the same skill set as the threats out there posses. Don't leave your security to chance. Test that the money you are paying for your security is money well spent.