Penetration Testing

Real world security testing

Penetration Testing Services Overview

Minatio perform penetration testing under the strictest regulations and to the highest standards using only our accredited in house consultants. Penetration tests are performed manually to simulate real-world attacks, using the tactics and tools employed by malicious outsiders. The resulting output is an IT security report containing thorough findings and a detailed risk analysis with actionable recommendations to help you better protect your IT security including network infrastructure, critical systems, and confidential data.

Penetration testing can be performed in several ways individually or in a combination of types:

External Network Penetration Testing

External Network penetration testing will test your external facing systems and applications, to simulate an attack emanating from outside your company. The external attack will attempt to highlight possible vulnerabilities in your public facing systems to mimic gaining access to your critical systems and data.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Internal penetration testing is conducted from within your network and will test the robustness of your internal security and policies to simulate an attack by a disgruntled member of staff or a nefarious entity that has gained internal access to your network in some way.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Social engineering penetration testing this can be performed in two ways both phishing and physical:

Phishing testing is a testing method which will test your companies employee security policies, their awareness and training levels. It also tests the data leakage levels of your organization through phishing emails. This is a very valuable test, for when encountering a secure external network this will be an adversaries favored choice of approach and your employees need to have the skills and knowledge to be your companies first line of defense.

Physical testing will also test your employees in a different way. A skilled professional social engineer with a scope and permission will try to gain entry to your secure facilities with the eventual target of connecting to your internal network. This will test both your office and security staff and your physical security defenses. This is a great way to test your physical security expenditure and to gain assurance that your building is a safe and secure environment to work and conduct business in.

Wireless Penetration Testing

A wireless penetration test will assess the security and configuration both physically and technically of your private or public wireless networks. Making sure your network is robust enough to withstand am adversaries attack. The test will map out your wireless network, channels, power, and access points to ensure there is no signal leakage to the outside of your environment and your authentication  and authorization technical controls are configured correctly and are robust enough to secure your internal data and systems.

All of our penetration testing is done to the highest standards by professional certified staff and will be followed up with a full extensive report with advice and help along the way.

In essence the purpose of a penetration test is to focus on a very specific set of computer systems or networks. Penetration testing is also known as a "pen test". The term "penetration testing" is often used interchangeably with "network security assessment". The objective of a pen test is to determine if an external hacker can infiltrate the network and then go on to gain further unauthorized access to confidential data or internal systems.