Invest in your employee's, your first line of defense

Minatio Security Employee Awareness Training

Minatio offers a self-paced, web-based employee training curriculum covering topics such as malware awareness, secure passwords, mobile device security, and much more. One of the best investments you can make to protect your organization's confidential information and IT assets is to improve the level of security awareness among your employees.

Why should we use security awareness training?

In a secure environment very often the most overlooked access point is your staff. After making sure your external and internal networks are secure and your wireless network is impenetrable. the next step is to teach your staff to adhere to a security awareness strategy that works and ensures all your security policies are enforced.

External attackers know that when they come up against a hardened secure network, the easiest path of entry is your staff. Make sure your staff are trained and knowledgeable. Give them the power to be your first line of defense.


Minatio In-House Employee Security Awareness Training,

Minatio can also offer office based security training workshops covering our comprehensive security training curriculum.

Training is presented by one of our professional consultants in either a neutral environment or on your premises. Training takes place in manageable groups and includes interactive learning and testing, the testing can be tailored to suit your enterprise and target audience.

Please contact us to arrange a training consultation.