Security Audit

Secure your organisation and clients with a security framework certification

Security Framework & Audit

Our security audits are a systematic evaluation of the security of your company's information systems. This is achieved by measuring how well your enterprise conforms to a set of established criteria.

A thorough Minatio audit assesses the security of your system's physical configuration and environment, software, information handling processes, and user practices.

Our security audits are often used independently to assess a company’s security posture and baseline, or in line with helping to determine regulatory compliance, in the wake of current legislation (such as DPA, PCI DSS) that specifies how organizations must deal with information. See our compliance audit information.

Gaining a certain level of established security baseline or compliance regulation can often aid a business to open doors to lucrative sales channels and partnerships otherwise closed off to them such as government contracts; work with companies who have strict 3rd party security agreements in place. Security can drive business and your bottom line in addition to securing your organizations future.


There are many security testing methodologies used today by security auditors for technical control assessment. Four of the most widely used and accepted are detailed below. Minatio offers audits against each of these criteria.